The Presbyterian Community of the Trinity is a mission to serve, help and organize the Hispanic residents of Anne Arundel County, MD/ We are an inclusive community, formed by hope, the love of God and the desire for peace. We are a church without a building, a church by the people, for the people. We are a mission of the Presbytery of Baltimore and “1001 Worshipping Communities.”

Our full website is coming soon. Meanwhile, keep track of upcoming evnets on Facebook at  @comunidadtrinidadMD:



Comunidad La Trinidad es una misión de servicios ayudar y organizar las personas hispánicas en Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Estamos una comunidad inclusiva por todos formado por espera, la amor de Dios y un deseo por paz. Estamos una iglesia sin una edificio, una iglesia de la gente, por la gente. Usamos una de las iglesias presbiterianas en la condado. Comunidad La Trinidad es un misión de la Presbiterio de Baltimore y ¨1001 Worshiping Communities¨